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Below we have covered the most common questions about our bowling programs. To find the answer, click or tap on the question. If you do not find your answer here, please send a message to or call 848-373-8005.

Are Dick Ritger's instructional VHS tapes available on DVD?

Yes, they are available and you can order them by calling the office 848-373-8005. With a credit card and we can ship your set today! They are $25 each plus shipping and handling.

I average 200+. Can you help me?

It is interesting to note that the higher average bowler tells us that often their sense of the mechanics of the sport is much improved after attending. We teach mathematical systems, reducing the trial and error time necessary to read, play, and adjust to different lane conditions. From a biomechanical sense, in sports, all high skill athletes have developed a blended, synchronized, fluidity of motion that results in the greatest efficiency with the least amount of effort. Through a series of drills, the Ritger system, which isolates the approach into six components, allows the bowler to experience the pure true feelings within each segment. They are then blended together to create the smooth athletic movement of the approach and delivery. With variables such as free swing, finger rotation, leverage, acceleration and speed control, the needs of the high skilled bowler are addressed.

How can I register for a camp or clinic? How do I know when the program is confirmed?

The easiest way to register for a camp or clinic is to complete our online registration form. On our home page, click on the link for the location that you would like to attend and follow the steps to complete the form .You will be prompted to pay a deposit which will hold your spot in the class. Payment is processed through PayPal, however you can use a major credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.  Upon registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration. When the class is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation notice and an invoice for the remaining balance due. We require a minimum of ten bowlers for most of our classes. Email us if you have any questions regarding your registration.

Class make-up and size: Am I too old?

Classes are limited in size, with a 1 to 6 student to instructor ratio, providing for maximum individual attention. (Winter clinics are much smaller, and may be taught with one lead instructor and up to 12 students, then additional instructors added as the class grows). Student ages and skill levels extend over a complete range (Minimum age 12), and are about 50% adults and 50% ages 12-18. It’s never too late to learn, according to 65 year old Andy Ackerman of New Jersey who came in ’93 and has “bowled more 600 sets after camp than I bowled during the previous two years. After 1 great week of camp, I averaged 190 (up from 175)”. Many of our classes have seniors working to improve skills, immersing themselves in the sport, and just having fun.

I bowl in tournaments and can't adjust well, can you help me?

We teach a formula to play an angle. (This means boards or across boards.) With sound fundamentals, this formula lets the bowler hit the exact target on the first delivery and then using the “How to adjust” information we provide, lets the bowler adjust. The process of understanding adjusting starts with length, then hitting the headpin, then finite adjustment to the pocket, and then pin carry. Winter clinics and summer camps teach this whole process and have the bowler work on it through practical application – bowling.

Are you going to change my game?

We don’t change. We provide pure true feelings in each part of the bowling approach. Then we ask the bowler to compare feelings and settle on those that are consistent, smooth, effortless and are easy to repeat (without wear and tear on the body.) Any change that might result is because it feels so much smoother, easier and consistent. Our key is to develop positive skill improvement, which the bowler is able to focus upon, understand, and be able to repeat and then be able to correct if inadvertently done improperly.

Can you help me with pressure?

Pressure comes about because the physical game is not as consistent or as sound as it should be. Under pressure, the body does other than what it has been trained to do, sometimes called “choking”. The process or order to begin to help with pressure:

  1. Develop a very sound fundamental game. Acquire physical, positive and repeatable skills. Consider: Mike Aulby, Parker Bohn, and/or Walter Ray Williams.
  2. Scientific system to play the lane and adjust. All great bowlers Mike Aulby, Parker Bohn, Walter Ray Williams, Don Carter, Dick Weber, Earl Anthony, etc.
  3. Pressure understanding and then application. Our repeat program has 50 overheads that we use in different segments of the mental game. One of the main focuses is pressure:
    • What it is –
    • How it comes about –
    • How to recognize –
    • How to combat itThen we provide practical application.”

I throw a backup ball, will you change that?

We always start each person with a question. Did you come here to change? Do you want to try to change? We explain the limitations of a backup. We explain the effort or time that might be needed to change. We do two tests with the isolated release. These tests tell us if change can come easily, or will be difficult. If the student can do the two tests they already can see and feel that they are rolling a hook ball. I also tell them no matter how much they work on a hook, they will still be able to do a backup, so no fear. Finally if they wish to remain with a backup, not change to a hook, we make the backup release stronger, give them the backup formula to play a line or angle, a special spare system, and work to provide the physical game with very sound fundamentals.

What is the difference between the 4-day clinic and the 5-day camp?

The materials taught are the same. The amount of work on the lanes is slightly less in the four-day clinic.

Four-day x 5 ½ hours per day = 22 hours on the lane.
Five-day x 5 ½ hours per day = 27 ½ hours.

The summer camps actually begin on Sunday evening with orientation and our video taping; fifth day (Friday morning) has no formal teaching, as all teaching is done in the first four days. The four-day clinic is the same: all teaching is done in the same order/progression as the summer camp. The extra day at the summer camp is used to work on areas of need: touch up, solidify skill areas, answer questions, etc.. Four day clinics have smaller numbers, anywhere from eight to thirty bowlers, while summer camps have 48-60 bowlers. Four day clinics do not provide evening activities or offer a housing/food package while summer camps do.

Who are the instructors and how are they trained?

They vary in age, location of where they live, background, bowling, teaching ability and personality. They don’t vary with training/teaching the Ritger material/system(s). Each has been through the camp at least once as a bowler, through the repeat program at least once, and through the Dick Ritger Coaches Clinic twice, thus a Level III Ritger Certified Coach/Instructor. We then select them based on screening our coaches clinics, determining if they are teaching in their own communities, what would be their availability to give us a full four week summer session (for continuities sake). Those we select are interned for two seasons along with a strong mentor program each week they work. Dick Ritger and Bob Rea also use them as coaches in our four day clinics when needed. We develop and fine tune their teaching and communicative skills each year. They all teach and believe totally in the Ritger system. It has worked in their individual games. Most of our coaches have been teaching for at least 10 years and more.

Do you talk about equipment?

We first check to see that your equipment fits so that you can roll the ball 180 to 220 times a day. We spend time on equipment with a pro-shop seminar, (summer camp evening). Our summer camp pro-shop specialists will always take as much time as possible to explain and educate a student about equipment. Our philosophy is that skill development must be number one, lane science (reading/adjusting) second and equipment third. They all go hand in hand, but our order of development is skill, knowledge, equipment.

Is there a discount available?

There are three discounts that we offer:

  1. Team Discount: If four or more bowlers from the same team attend, each will receive a discount.
  2. Bowlers sponsored by USBC associations are also provided a discount.
  3. For bowlers who have attended a program and become Field Reps, we offer a discount.

Discounts range from $25 to $40.

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