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Dick Ritger Bowling Camps has developed DVDs, CD’s and a book to support the material we teach in our program.

The DVD collection, titled “The Feelings of Bowling”™, comes in three volumes. Volume I covers The Perfect Strike Feeling, volume II covers Developing Accuracy and Playing Angles and volume III covers the Perfecting the Release.

The booklets have been updated a consolidated into a new book with color pictures and detailed descriptions. All of the material that was in two booklets is now in one; covering the Skill Drills and Science and Knowledge of the game.

The series of audio CDs cover How to Develop Concentration-Preparation-Focus, How to Develop l.P.S. (your Ideal Performance State), Perfect Practice Through Mental Rehearsal, High Skill Performance Through Positive Routines, Achieving Success Through Goal Organizing and Goal Setting, Achieving Success Through Developing Emotion Control and Self-confidence, How to Make the 10 Pin Consistently (RHB).

In addition to the support material, Dick Ritger Bowling Camps has apparel and accessories including tee shirts and polo shirts, sweatshirts, bag tags, and new micro bowling towels.

To order merchandise from Dick Ritger Bowling Camps, please contact us at 800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695) or Email

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